Editorial illustration for Forum Apulum
Illustration, Art Direction, Editorial Design
3 Exciting Female Directors
Illustration, Art Direction, Character Design
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Mame- podcast
Illustration, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
A fat cat with a snowman soul
Illustration, Character Design, Art Direction
Femei pe Matasari
Morning ride
Illustration, Drawing, Art Direction
Take a coffee in the botanical garden
Illustration, Animation, Digital Art
Love my country
Illustration, Print Design
Illustration, Crafts, Painting
CD cover
Art Direction, Illustration, Drawing
The Big-Nosed Princesses
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Future Library
Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art
Mongolian couple
Art Direction, Character Design, Illustration
The Addams family
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Drawing
Pattern design
Fashion, Illustration, Character Design
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation
Short stories
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Digital Art, Drawing, Illustration
Confessing to the old tree
Drawing, Illustration
Intersection with the book
Digital Art, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Dive in to the void
Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration
Untitled forest
Character Design, Drawing, Illustration
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