In general, I work in digital format for projects such as: editorial, book illustration, gif m packaging ...
I like to juggle between conceptual and colored, freestyle illustration. Both offer me a wide beach to explore.
The Conceptual Illustration that I make in a natural way comes from a need to simplify the emotion and experience that a certain text & story goes through in my mind.
Pictorial and freestyle illustration comes from a clear need to explore through a form of relaxation, a form of exploring freedom without going through a conceptual orderly filter.
I’m excited to learn more about every project! To do this right please download this brief and send it to me!
E-mail me:

Animation gives life to illustrations! 
You should know that for complex projects I work in a team with my partner, Constantin, together we complete projects like explainer videos, cartoon animations.
I love designing 2d animation and Constantin  is the master of 3d animation.
My me:  and our studio email
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